Yes indeed, that  situation arose in 1948 when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations of planet Earth, while duties, the logical complement of rights, were mentioned only cursorily. In this present age of eroding values-systems (religions, cultural traditions) that unbalance is becoming ever more noticeable.
Therefore, let us benefit from modern technology, the internet, and undertake to formulate a short list of universal human duties to serve as a moral (right or wrong) compass for human decision-making. This project can best be undertaken following a 'grassroots path', i.e. creating a Human Duties Network of wise women and men from all over the world by self-appointment for a period of three years, who debate on the website of the network and eventually agree on that short list of basic moral principles.
This website's logo symbolizes the evolution of this process: Humanity shouldering the responsibility for planet Earth.